Freelance Copywriter, Translator & SEO

Hi, I’m Rachel

I’m a freelance copywriter, content writer, translator and SEO specialist.

In 2021 I set up my copywriting business The Ethical Copywriter to work with ethical and sustainable businesses to help them attract conscious consumers and communicate their impact with transparency.

Words matter

Words, whether they be on your website, in a customer email, or in a social media caption, are your strongest tool for connecting with your target market. They help a customer decide whether you’re truly committed to your ethics, and whether they want to buy from you.

Specialising in web copy, I’m here to help you get your tone of voice spot on, optimise for search engines, increase your conversions and – most importantly – communicate your brand’s ethical and sustainable practices with transparency and authenticity, helping you connect with your customers and earn their trust.

How I can help

I have years of experience in writing both copy and content for a range of industries, as well as in-depth knowledge on (and a personal passion for!) ethical consumerism and sustainability.

I specialise in web content and have an SEO background, but am also able to help with email marketing, social media copy, print marketing materials and more.

Whether you need a one-off article or are looking to collaborate on a long term project, get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.

What’s the difference between copy and content?

It’s a common question, and the terms can be confusing. Here’s the basic difference:


This is text that is designed to persuade and sell. As well as the writing for billboards and big advertising campaigns, it can also be the text on your homepage, product descriptions and even the text on your website buttons. Copy is any writing that seeks to influence people to take an action or make a purchase.


The primary aim of content is to inform and entertain. Think blog posts and articles. Content is also important because it helps you reach more customers through search engines and shares on social media, increasing brand awareness. You are also providing something of value to your customers, which is likely to increase trust and encourage them to view your business positively.

I provide both copy and content services. Find out more here.